Sometimes, you just need a little
copywriting guidance

Content marketing, copywriting, and content strategy are a whole different ball game than annual reports, technical documents, emails…and text emojis.

If you have great writing skills, but need support in understanding how to improve your marketing writing skills, then The Write Harle is just the ear to bounce your ideas off of for a wee bit of guidance.

Website Audits

Not sure what your website is actually saying about your brand? Sometimes all you need is a simple website audit to understand:

  • What your site is (inadvertently) revealing about your brand
  • How to increase reader engagement
  • Who your site is currently speaking to vs. who you want it to
    • Hint: sometimes they’re not the same
  • How your website is or is not supporting your marketing goals

Within your detailed website audit report, you’ll receive:

  • Clarity on what your content (both images and text) is revealing
  • Recommendations for improving web page format
  • Keywords for you to integrate in your copy and headers
  • Suggestions for updating your messaging and focus of each page
  • Guidance on ensuring your content supports the purpose of your website

Stop wondering how to improve your website. Start with a conversation.

Content Consulting

You’re a strong writer, but let’s face it, writing for yourself can be a bit tricky. Sometimes all you need is to have someone review what you’ve written, or to talk at to pull the information out of your head, and spot your unique value and insights. This is where personalized one-on-one Content Consulting sessions come into play.

In these sessions we:

  • Review the content that you’re currently working on
  • Answer all your ongoing content or brand related questions
  • Brainstorm ways to build your content development into your business goals
  • Develop your content calendars
  • Identify what messaging you’re trying to portray
  • Identify what key audiences you’re looking to reach and how your content can do this

These sessions are a minimum of 1.5 hours and can be done either in person, over the phone, or a Zoom meeting. Frequency of meetings depends upon your goals, needs, and skill sets.

Start feeling confident about your content with The Write Harle supporting you! Call us to learn more.

Content Training

Website, blogs, brochures, e-books: so many different styles of writing that simply copying and pasting from one marketing piece to the next won’t work.

In our content training sessions, you’ll learn:

  • Brain tricks for writing for different marketing mediums
  • How to repurpose content from one marketing piece to another
  • Build effective writing strategies that work for you
  • Develop more strategy into your content that supports your business goals
  • Focus your content around one central message and purpose
  • Schedule and create content that inspires action in your reader

All training is customized based on your writing comfort level, ensuring that you feel confident in your own marketing content.

With one-on-one or group training options available, give yourself or your team the right writing tools to support your company’s marketing goals through effective content. Contact us to learn more or book your session.


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