Bringing purpose (and more sales) to
your content

Struggling with the blank white page? Not sure how to articulate what it is you want to say, write, or who you actually are? Or, how about what the heck to do with your brand once it’s developed?

Struggle no more with your own Brand Messaging & Content Strategy!

Confidently talk and write about WHO your business is, WHAT you do differently, HOW you operate, WHERE you’re going / growing, and, most importantly, WHY you support your clients in the manner you do.

Designed to complement your visual identity, your brand message and content strategy reinforces who you are and ensures intentional consistency in your messaging across all forms of content (written, verbal, visual).

Make yourself memorable AND inspire action with your brand!

What’s Involved?

An in-depth discovery session that dives into who you are, what your company stands for, a few of your branding and marketing goals, and what the purpose of your company is.

What You Receive

Your Brand Messaging & Content Strategy document will be developed around your specific goals.

Core Brand Messaging, Voice and Strategy Plan

Enable anyone working with your content to be consistent in tone, purpose, and messaging with these key pieces defined:

  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Tone
  • Vision and Mission
  • 3 – 5 Core Values
  • 4 – 5 Key Messages
  • Detailed Target Audience in relation to primary brand goals

Brand Enhancement Add-Ons
for Sole Proprietors and Contractors
  • Unique Selling / Value Proposition
  • 30-Second Commercial
  • Client Promise
  • Top pains / challenges that clients have
Brand Enhancement Add-Ons
for Businesses and Non-Profits
  • Tagline
  • Client Promise and / or Positioning Statement
  • Top Company differentiators
  • Top pains / challenges that clients have
  • Company Culture
Value Behind Your Brand Voice & Tactics

1. Enhanced confidence to speak clearly, consistently and positively about your business
2. The backbone items necessary to consistently develop all marketing content, strategy, and speaking pieces moving forward.
3. Ability to separate the owners / founders of the company from the company itself, creating a scalable brand and business.
4. Better understanding of how to focus all content in the future, giving specific messages to focus on in developing of content.
5. Clear understanding for how to infuse the brand into your larger branding goals.

With a clear and consistent understanding of who your company is, potential customers, complementary service providers, and other business owners will have a solid understanding of what separates you from your competitors, helping to purposefully build your business around your brand.

Never struggle to get your message across again.

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