Take the struggle out of developing your blog

Find your unique brand, discover your topics, and start your blog with confidence.

Your blog is your opportunity to let your personality shine, share your knowledge, and connect with your people. But, sometimes, just starting is overwhelming.

With topics to think of, engaging content to write, and creating connection with your reader, that blinking cursor on your screen can feel like it’s taunting you to start. So, how are you going to start and overcome the overwhelm?

Welcome to the Bodacious Branded Blogging Kit

This is the perfect solution to starting your blog with ease, organization and, most importantly, FUN! Why? Because you should enjoy writing your blog! Equip yourself with simple blogging tips, hints, questions, and systems all focused on getting you out of your head and into the flow of consistent blogging.


With the kit, you’ll:

  • Find your writing flow using a full-proof formula to build an engaging blog, stress free,
  • Connect through relevant topics that interest your readers,
  • Schedule yourself organized building a calendar that works with your planner,
  • Create a blog that’s your unique voice, inspires your readers, and builds loyalty, and
  • Have access to tried and true tools and systems that make writing simple.

  • All this awesomeness and more, valued at $497, is ready and waiting for you at a special price!

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What’s Included in Your Branding Blog Kit?

A few of the lovely blog writing tools you’ll access include:


Develop your own unique voice by answering these crucial questions about your brand.


Work this template to fit your schedule, while keeping you on track with your blog posts.


Dot all your “i’s” and cross all your “t’s” for each blog, keeping your blog consistent.

More Blog

A few more tools and tips to build a sustainable blog with confidence!

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Are you ready to begin building blog content that is truly you, without the stress of writing?

Your blog kit is waiting.

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