5 Things We Should Spread Instead of COVID Fear

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After I washed my hands for the fiftieth time today, I started thinking a lot about contagious things. Not content or branding, which normally fills my mind, but contagion. Yuck! The news has been filled with a virus that can scare the bejeebers out of anyone. And I, for one, have had enough! Rather than breaking down the power of yet another blog strategy or how sales letters are super powerful relationship tools, this month, I wanted to talk about spreading a different kind of content. Content filled with value-driven germs that are worth taking over the world! So, let’s dive in and start spreading something other than fear.

Start spreading….INSPIRATION

Over the past few weeks, all I’ve consumed is content that inspires (and chips and Swedish berries.). Inspiring Content that reminds us of the human spirit and our ability to be resilient when faced with challenges. Specifically in Calgary, I’ve witnessed to:

  • Commercial landlords providing rent relief for their tenants, allowing a number of small Calgary businesses to remain open;
  • Friends inspiring each other’s creativity online with music jams and painting sessions over Zoom;
  • Businesses revising their service offerings in support of the community and ensuring the most vulnerable are cared for; and
  • Signs of love and kindness written in sidewalk chalk and taped to light posts around neighbourhoods. 

All of these actions are inspiring communities to come together, businesses to remain strong, and kindness to overcome fear. 

What to listen to if you want to feel inspired: Hope Motivates Action by Lindsay Recknell. FULL of amazing individuals from all backgrounds, each episode inspires you to do one thing: take action. I have devoured each episode and had so many ah-has. 

Start spreading….MINDSET SHIFTS

Let’s be clear – for many, we are starting the second quarter. Just because we might have been down in the first quarter, does not mean we’ve lost the whole year AHEAD. In fact, I was speaking with a client whose typical busy season starts in March. With the global shut down, her season did not start as expected. In talking with her, she said, “Our busy season is just changing now.” She is of the mindset that because her typical season may not be now, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. She is using this time to prepare for the shift in the busy season. This ability to keep moving forward, adjusting behaviours along the way to ensure the short term goals will still allow longer-term goals to be met is crucial for remaining realistically optimistic. 

What to listen to if you want to shift your mindset: Impact Theory, particularly this episode with Tom Bilyeau and Trevor Moawad. This particular episode details the power of thoughts, consciousness, and language. An excellent listen with wonderful insights into how we can control our thoughts, super important when it’s easy to let negative ones overwhelm. 

Start spreading….CONNECTION

I have never had so many face-to-face meetings since I started The Write Harle. Up until now, there was a healthy balance of in-person and over the phone conversations. Today, ALL connections are face-to-face…through a screen, of course. In fact, I even helped connect my parents to Zoom (a feat many adult children are accomplishing more and more each day). Sunday phone calls are now face-to-face family calls.  

For my business, I was a bit worried at first about people “seeing” into the quirkiness of my office, particularly for discovery calls with potential clients. Then, I realized that people want to see our faces now more than ever. They want to know the HUMAN they are talking to. There is a reason that many medical workers are wearing their pictures on their PPE. It builds connection and reassurance for their patients. 

Prospects, clients, and our own team members want to have that same connection and reassurance. Making people feel connected, seen, and heard by you is so important. We are all starved for human connection outside our home and allowing people into them, even through a webcam, is creating a connection on a deeper level. Not only that, but business leaders actually PREFER face-to-face meetings as they build more trust and understanding into the person. Now is the time to connect and grow relationships on a deeper level. 

What to listen to if you want to connect: The Goal Digger Podcast, specifically this one with Tony Robbins.  For me, this hit home the power of connecting to your larger purpose, which is ultimately in service of connecting with others. It’s a great episode that allows you to hear how connected he is to his purpose AND his people.  

Start spreading….COMPASSION

“How are you doing? Genuinely – how are you doing?” – the question that begins each call these days. The answers I’ve received when I ask have been far-ranging from heavy and heartbroken to uplifted and hopeful about what’s in store. Simply put, everyone is having very individual reactions to a very unique situation. AND THIS IS OKAY! What’s important is that we are all responding in OUR way, just as others are responding in THEIRS. Neither of which is wrong. 

For instance, many of us joked about those individuals hoarding toilet paper (out of fear, not for profit), but the truth is there was a reason that people turned to this behaviour. This reason had nothing to do with a fear that intense diarrhea was about to take over the globe. Science clearly said otherwise. For many, this was a response mechanism due to uncertainty. It’s not that people are going crazy, it’s that they are struggling to control something when everything else has lost control. Rather than laugh, judge, or moan about this, open your heart to them, knowing that they are struggling inside and could use a physically acceptable distance encouraging smile. 

What to listen to if you want to build your compassion: No surprises here, Brené Brown’s new podcast, Unlocking Us! Brown’s podcast continues to show the power of human to human conversations and showing up with courage. 

Start spreading….PUNS

Because even if you don’t like them, they’ll get your mind off of corona. 

What to listen to if you want to laugh: since my humour may not be the same as yours, I came across this awesome article that shares the best comedy podcasts of 2020.

There is something for everyone…that is everyone who wants to laugh. 

Inspiration, mindset, connection, compassion and puns are five things that I am dedicated to practicing, hopefully spreading the good germs that come with them. What are you looking to spread during this time of change and opportunity? Share your thoughts with me and connect over here: www.thewriteharle.com. Better yet, share your best pun in the comments below!

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