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Does Your Business Really Need to Blog?

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“Does my business need a blog?”

The million-dollar question for businesses and one I get asked on a regular basis. And my answer…

Nope. You sure don’t…but only if it makes sense for you and your audience.

In other words – it depends. Blogging is absolutely a wonderful marketing tool that allows you to create consistent quality content, but it’s slightly more in-depth than “write it and the readers will come.” So, without further ado, let’s dive in a little bit deeper into whether or not you actually need a blog.

What a Blog Can Do for Your Business

Rather than someone simply saying, “you need a blog because it’s what all the cool kids are doing,” first start with understanding what blogging can do for your company.

A consistent blog full of quality content can:

  • Create a loyal online following by providing relevant information of value;
  • Help you educate your readers,
  • Position your company as a leader in your industry,
  • Provide topics to post on your social media, driving readers back to your website, and
  • Improve your organic ranking on search engines with frequently updated content.

More importantly, when you build a larger strategy around your blog, such as coordinating with social media posts and SEO campaigns, your marketing works together, strengthening the quality of your overall message and brand.

So, Do YOU Need a Blog?

Knowing what a blog CAN do, the question still remains, DO you need a blog. The best way to determine whether or not you need one starts by answering a few simple questions.

1. Is your audience online?

If not, then you really don’t need one. If your audience is online, then absolutely. Put your marketing resources into platforms that put you in front of where your audience is.

2. Are you committed to building an online presence?

Without commitment, your blog will fall by the wayside. Build blogging directly into your calendar and you are more likely to succeed. This also includes how you’ll share the blog, such as creating social media posts linking back to the post. Writing a blog is great, posting it is even better. Sharing it across your online platforms – brilliant!

3. What would a blog do for your business? Your clients?

This comes to understanding your purpose for blogging. If you haven’t determined WHY you are blogging and the benefits to your AUDIENCE, then your blog will not be focused or demonstrate value to them.

If your audience is online, you have your full commitment, and you understand why you’re developing your company’s blog, then yes, a blog is absolutely a viable marketing option.

With summer here, it truly is the perfect time to start strategically developing your blog. But this isn’t about opening up a word doc and writing “5 Tips to success” or “How to’s for improvement.” It’s about building a foundation for your blog so you can confidently develop this marketing tool. And this is all kinds of fun as a brainstorming session (may I suggest over a patio pint?) will help you identify:

  • Topics and trends of interest in your industry that you can write on,
  • Most common questions you’re asked about your business/industry either by clients or colleagues, and
  • Six-months blogging calendar dates (research days, draft deadlines, final versions, and posting dates).

Thinking that you may very well need a blog based on the above? That’s great! Discovered that you’re not ready for one? That’s also great! Determining what’s right for your company is the first step. The next, building out your topics and calendar. Trust me – blogging may seem like lots of writing and staring at a blank white page, but if you understand why you’re blogging and take the time to lay the foundation for it, then blogging is something your business will benefit from.

Have questions? Insights on your own company’s blogging journey? Share them below or contact The Write Harle for a 1:1 chat!

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