A Love Letter to My Clients…and an Apology to My Own Content

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I am calling The Write Harle out! It’s time to start taking the same advice and guidance provided to my clients – it’s time to stop treating my business blog like the cobbler’s children.

Having not published a blog for The Write Harle for three years, I recently had to take stock of what’s kept me from further developing this part of my marketing. In truth, part of it has to do with my own fear of not providing enough value in these posts. However, the larger reason? I, like many other business colleagues, put my clients’ marketing needs ahead of this company’s, using the limited hours in a day for client work. It became a choice management decision.

This certainly hasn’t been a lack of desire for my own blog. The simple truth is that I love writing for others. Building their calendars, enhancing their own brand voice, and supporting the growth of their own content is what fuels this content company’s fire.

But, why, exactly has this been so enjoyable?

1. Love of Collaboration

Working together, exploring concepts and developing thoughts that represent who my clients are, while helping them discover their unique brand voice – it’s awesome.

Building a blog that clients can feel confident in (because they should…since it’s going to be on their website, representing them, right?), requires a collaborative relationship. One where we have bigger conversations about how a topic ties into their services and impacts their clients. This had generated fantastic insights that my clients stand behind and are proud to share because they believe in their blog simply because it’s their own words and thoughts.

2. Love of Enhancing Voices

In working with clients, I’ve watched many grow and develop their own voice, gaining the confidence to start writing their own content. It’s a relationship that has seen clients start with this company for full writing services and transition to using our content coaching services because they gain confidence in what they want to say and how they want to say it. More than anything else, this is why I love what I do – growing people and their confidence!

A great example is a coaching client of mine who hired The Write Harle to ghostwrite online articles for a well-known business information site. At first, she started with a timid voice, not knowing where to focus her thoughts, or even if her thoughts had value, least of all how to connect them to her readers. Over our time working together, she grew into a strong writer, having gone through the process of being guided every month on how to develop her niche thoughts. Moving from pure ghostwriting services to content coaching was amazing as she gained the confidence she needed to take over her own content. Seeing people take the brand voice we develop together and go and develop their own solid content because of the foundation work we did is an awesome feeling and one that The Write Harle will continue to support.

You might be thinking – “but…isn’t that taking work away from you?” Technically, yes. But, the reason why I started The Write Harle, the reason why I continue to choose to build this business is to help people (re)ignite their passion for their business through their content. And, if they are confident enough in their voice to develop strong content, then hasn’t The Write Harle done what it set out to do?

3. Love of Learning

Selfishly, I love to learn about new things. In building collaborative relationships, I’m able to gain new insights on various industries, multiple points of views on a specific topic, and discover new ways of helping people sort their own thoughts and finding their voice.

Happily, supporting clients fills my curious cat within (I am a leo after all), increasing my own knowledge base on a variety of industries. The most fascinating thing I’ve discovered through this love of learning is how connected each industry is. I am absolutely a believer in the interconnectedness of this world and to see how industries as different as finance and entertainment become quite similar when you focus on building their brand voice over quantity of content astounds me. And I love it.

But, while I was loving all this learning with my clients and their industries, I was still learning about my own. The only difference? I wasn’t practicing what I preached in writing a consistent blog full of value (and a wee bit of personality).

So, as I started by calling myself out, stopping my post from being the cobbler’s child any longer, I am making this commitment to honour The Write Harle the same way I would with a client. To collaborate with myself (yep, you read that right – conversations in my office are very interesting), to further enhance my own brand voice, and to continue providing content of value for those interested in content development and marketing – all within a consistent schedule!

Curious about what a collaborative relationship with a content developer could look like? Contact The Write Harle today for an easy conversation.

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