Are All Your 2014 Ducks in a Row?

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Why Not Using a Copywriter Can Hinder Your Business Growth

I’ve learned over the past two years in business that no, I cannot do everything. In particular, bookkeeping and taxes. While I find it super easy to keep all my receipts, invoices, and payments organized, I have real issues when it comes to understanding how to present these numbers to the CRA, what are proper write-offs, what might I be missing, and so forth. BUT, I’ve taken all this stress away by simply handing all my receipts, invoices, client payments, and car mileage over to my awesome bookkeeping and tax team. Why am I telling you this? Simple. I outsource where I am least effective and where it will cost me less – in time and money – to hand these items over to a specialist than trying to figure it all out myself. In other words, I make sure that all my finance ducks are in a row lead by a great resource.

For your 2014 marketing goals, I challenge you to look at where your ducks may be out of line. Perhaps you may be spending more time (and wasting more effort than necessary) on trying to write for your company. For instance, many small businesses understand that yes, they need to have quality content on their website, blogs, brochures, even proposals. However, ask yourself, how much time are you spending, pulling your hair out by trying to find juuuuuuust the right wording that will set you apart from the rest of your industry. WHY are you doing this? Wouldn’t it be easier to work with a professional content writer who can transform you ideas into awesome content…

Top Three Reasons to Work With a Copywriter

1) Allows you to focus on your company rather than in your company

You shouldn’t be focused on finding juuuuuust the right word to convey your message. Rather, as the owner of your small business, you should be focusing on how to grow your business, where you can reach your target audience, where your highest revenue comes from, and so forth.

Your priority should be on building your business, and not on whether or not your website content contains the right keywords or is formatted properly for how people read online. By handing these time consuming items off, you are giving yourself the time to actually focus on building your business.

2) Allows an outside eye to make sure content tone and personality is consistent across all avenues

You are passionate about your business and have a clear vision of where you are going. Great! However, this can often blind you from being objective in reading your content across all your marketing mediums. By allowing a copywriter or editor to go through all your content with an OBJECTIVE eye, you are allowing yourself to make sure that your company’s personality and tone is coming through in all areas. This will allow your customers to have a consistentunderstanding of who your company is…and build more trust because of this consistency.

3) Allows you to make sure your content is written from the perspective of the customer 

Just as in point two, you are passionate about your company and want to tell everyone all about what it is that you offer and all the great things that make you unique. However…what you want to share may not be what your customers need to hear in order to connect with your business and take the action you want them to (such as making a purchase, perhaps?).

Your copywriter will be able to identify WHAT it is that your customers need to hear / read to actually make them act. As an objective party, your copywriter will be able to emotionally place themselves in the seat of your target market and answer the questions that will motivate your audience to act.

For instance (and yes, I realize the following is a very simplistic example), maybe you love your health shake company and think it is just so awesome because your shakes  are healthy for you, full of antioxidants, are a full meal supplement, and just perfect to complementing an overall healthy living. BUT – what if the target audience you have isn’t interested in your shakes for these “healthy” reasons. Perhaps they just want to feel better about themselves and the shakes help get them there. Stop and think of what you’re really selling. It’s not a health shake, it’s confidence and self-esteem. These two items, more than anything else is what will connect with your audience. By working with a copywriter, you’ll be better able to identify what will actually sell your product, rather than what you love about your product.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, a copywriter can actually help increase your sales and profits through all of the above – you focus on how to grow your business, allowing you to focus on developing ways to meet with and build client relationships, your clients better understand your company and what you’re all about, by building consistent trust in WHO you are as a business, and by speaking from the clients point of view, customers are more likely to act on your content because your content answers exactly what they emotionally need answered!

This is a very basic blog as to what a copywriter can do to help enhance your 2014 marketing goals. However, it is worth it to take the time and actually understand 1) what is your time really worth, 2) where is your time best spent – and if it’s not on content…STOP working on the content, and 3) how will quality, properly written content influence / enhance / complement the growth of your company.

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