Outsourcing Brilliance: A Tale of a Writer Trying to Draw

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Warning: This content may contain some blush inducing references…continue at your own risk!

I am a writer…not an artist. In fact, just a few months ago I drew some train tracks for my boyfriend’s nephew where he quickly let me know that the tracks just weren’t any good. Please note that this boy was three. Negative critique from a three year old…ouch!

However, this shows why I am the perfect example as to why companies should be outsourcing specific jobs that they may not be extraordinarily competent in.

A few months back I was sitting down with an Online Marketing / SEO specialist client of mine, discussing the themes, topics, and points we were developing for a white paper. As we were chatting about how one of the points focused on digging for info, I started to see visuals in my head and got so excited that I promptly said, “Hey! We can draw a shovel to highlight this point on digging.”

As I was talking, I started to draw a shovel. Well… a shovel based on my “talented” hands. When I finished drawing, we both looked down and saw the exact same thing. Instead of a shovel, we saw an oddly misshapen penis! Oh gosh – NO!

With my cheeks flaming red, I began to scribbling over the picture saying, “or something of the sort” indicating that perhaps I shouldn’t be in charge of any graphics. My client – with a very good sense of humour – chuckled back, “Don’t worry. We have people with actual drawing talent to work on the graphics for us.” And we quickly moved on.

THANK GOODNESS he had access to graphic designers, otherwise the white paper would be a huge flop.

The morale of this little story:

Know your talents. If your project / business requires a professional to complete certain work, even if it means spending money, spend the money!


I know I cannot draw or develop graphics or templates, so I outsource these specific items when needed. It’s better for all my clients (and my peace of mind).

But, you’re a small business just starting and can’t afford it?

Please: Do not cut corners. Think of these outsourcing items for development of content, websites, newsletter templates, printing of business cards, etc. as INVESTMENTS in your company rather than expenses. A professionally developed newsletter will look so much better than one developed in MS Publisher. Professionally printed business cards will make prospects want to call you over ones that you’ve printed on your office printer (unless you’re a start up print company…then use your printer!).

By cutting corners on these items here, you are hurting the image of your business, your confidence in your products / services,  your prospects confidence in your service,  and ultimately, your own business growth. Think of the image you are trying to present. You already have enough uphill battles as a new business owner, don’t let you image be one of them! Spend a little bit of money and watch how you and your company soar!

To clients who work with me – please do not fear, I will never, ever draw anything for you…not even in our brainstorming sessions. I have learnt my lesson well.


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