Customer Service – the Key to Building a Successful Business

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I’m going to take a step away for the awesomeness of writing and the importance of quality content to focus on the amazing customer service I received at the Second Cup near where I live.

As discussed in my post, What Being Robbed Taught Me About My Business, I was robbed. During this robbery, my purse (among other items) which contained my wallet was stolen and I *gasp* no longer had my Second Cup Perks card. My card that had enough points for a free drink, along with $8.51 on it. Thinking that these points and $8.51 were lost forever, I went into my regular Second Cup and forlornly asked if I could have a new points card since my last one was stolen.

The barista enthusiastically said, “Yep” and got my new card started right away. One of the lead baristas overheard this conversation and came over to me once I was all settled with my coffee (medium paradiso), puffed wheat square, and computer. She brought me a phone number and said, “Call this number and all your old points and money can be transferred to your new card if you had registered your old card.”*

Well! My heart skipped so high at that moment, I called the number as soon as I got home and was greeted with the most friendly person who quickly helped me get my points and money transferred.

It may not seem like much, but this small gesture and complete understanding of an entire team, made me a Second Cup customer for life. Why?

They went way above and beyond to help lift my spirits over something that really is small in the big scheme of things. 

I felt like the company’s sole customer the entire time I was being dealt with. Taking the small step to make sure I knew about a phone number and service to transfer points and a very tiny sum of money over made me realize that yes, customer service is truly key to an amazing company. AND this small gesture has me telling everyone I meet – even people not in this city – about the greatness that is the Second Cup by my place.

This experience made me look at my own business – and life in general – and see how can I make small gestures of thanks and extra steps make my clients feel special. I’ve taken the time to see that my processes for my clients are as simple as possible, providing them with a better experience, and ensuring that even small gestures of thanks are being sent to each client. After all, people remember the little appreciations.

Remember – when working with your clients, what small step can you take to put a smile on their face, and a space in their mind for you!


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