Connecting through Words; Driven by Passion

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It’s been two years since The Write Harle started. Two years of building relationships, helping companies find their voice, spread their message and connect with their audience.

However, this past weekend I was reflecting on why I started The Write Harle, other than to write all day, while sitting in coffee shops and drinking coffee. The real reason outside of coffee drinking and helping companies, boils down to writing helped me remember how to live and laugh.

Humorous Storytelling

In the summer of 2011, I was turning 29, not loving my current career path as a marketing specialist, but not hating it. I knew something had to change and I decided to start writing a blog about my ‘funny’ experiences in life. This simple blog turned into my weekly routine of remembering the funny moments in life, no matter how small, and sharing them in a simple blog.

The joy I received from the writing reminded me of why I liked being a marketer – the power to create an emotional response through simple story telling.

Influencing through Grammar and Spelling

Growing up, my father was a stickler for grammar; should my sister or I ever use poor grammar in conversation, he would point it out…in a funny way of course (my funny blog had many stories about him). If ever we needed to know the spelling or meaning of a word, he would also point us to the dictionary, allowing us to learn on our own.

Little did I know that these skills he was allowing me to develop would stir a passion in me; a passion for knowing the power, both in speech and in writing, of using proper grammar and the absolute perfect word for the moment.

It was this ability that helped guide me to first developing my blog, then starting The Write Harle, then further enhancing a client’s message with clear, concise, and proper language use.

The Amazing Connection with Companies

Being in business for myself has been amazing and not just because I’ve become quite the coffee connoisseur. The real amazing part has been helping companies to:

  • Effectively communicate their own passion
  • Understand the importance proper grammar and spelling in relation to how they represent themselves
  • Tell their story in the way they want
  • Recognize the power they have as a thought leader in their industry by seeing the larger influence they have when they are seen as a company who pays attention to the details.

The power that words have is amazing and inspires me every day. The Write Harle hopes to continue what my dad taught me growing up – there is never an excuse for poor grammar and spelling, especially when it reflects on who you are.

 How are you sharing your passion?

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