What Happens When You Connect Your Why to Your Content?

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The blank white page is scary for anybody who needs to turn their thoughts into readable sentences. This is a daily struggle, even for people who develop content for a living.

But, what if it didn’t have to be such a struggle where you’re worried about the perfect word, sentence structure, or thought. What if, your content became about connecting with your readers through your purpose?

The question most clients struggle to answer when we first connect about writing content is:

Why are we writing this?

If the answer is: because you were told to, then no wonder you’re struggling!

From website content to blogs, brochures, and even full-on books, the fear of writing often comes from not being connected to a purpose behind the content, not that there isn’t anything to say. So, if you’re writing without purpose, why bother writing at all?

Building Connection and Purpose

The challenge these days is weaving your purpose throughout your content. But, when you do have clarity between what you’re writing on and why you’re writing, you set yourself up for developing powerful content that connects with your audience. Why?

  • You gain further clarity on who you’re writing for,
  • There’s a clear understanding of what action you are guiding readers towards (e.g. share a post),
  • Purpose provides a focus for the actual content, letting you more easily slice and dice content that doesn’t support your purpose,
  • You’re more likely to capture and engage your reader,
  • You demonstrate not just your knowledge, but your values, which enhances your brand.

And, this isn’t just for blogs that focus on vulnerability and improving one’s self, sharing high-level intellectual concepts. This is for all kinds of content and industries.

For example, insurance blogs, which, let’s face it, have the potential to be a little dry, become so much more effective when the purpose is identified. An insurance blog The Write Harle used to support (prior to the insurance company’s merger with a large brokerage) that wanted to write about overland water coverage since it was new to Alberta at the time. The challenge? Turning what could be a boring and confusing topic into one that’s interesting and informative. How did we do this?

  • Identified our topic: share insights on the new overland water coverage
  • Identified our why: to provide greater peace of mind to homeowners, while ensuring they understand the ins and outs of this new insurance option (Note – this was one year after the great 2013 YYC Floods, so the insurance coverage was fairly new here.)
  • Identified our who: homeowners who are in flood zones or have the potential for overland water harming their home
  • Identified our action: contact the company to learn more and ask questions
  • Connection to the company’s overall purpose: Bringing greater peace of mind and insurance options that meet the unique needs of individual homeowners

Suddenly, the blog became about protecting homeowner’s and their memories, not a boring features and benefits post about overland water coverage. It informed while still connecting to 1) the brokerage’s purpose, and 2) the reader through engagement.

If you’re sitting down, staring at the blank white page, writing a few words, then deleting them, the problem certainly isn’t that you don’t have anything to say. It could be that you’re not connecting the topic to your purpose.

Before you dive into your next blog, or website, or brochure, or even book, take a few moments to connect the what you’re writing to your why behind the topic. This is where your impact will be made. This is where your voice will grow. And this is where your brand – and those you and your brand serve – will flourish.

If you’re curious about how to connect your purpose to your content, contact The Write Harle for a simple conversation!

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