5 Awesome Reasons to Collaborate with a Local Blogger

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Business blogging – everyone is talking about blogging for business. “Do it to grow your brand, share content, and engage your readers, just do it!!” And yes, blogging is a great opportunity to connect and engage with your customers, but don’t just do it! And, if you’re not going to write it for your company, consider working with a local blogger!

Since day one, The Write Harle has supported companies in growing their blogs and finding their voice. But, before we work with anyone, we always ask why do you need a blog and why are you looking to work with a local company (if the company is in Calgary)? This is crucial for the development of a collaborative blog that truly represents your company’s ideas and voice.

Don’t get me wrong, there is and always will be a place for connecting with bloggers online, but if you are really looking to enhance your business’ brand for the community in which you operate, it might be best to consider collaborating with a local writer. Here’s why!

Personalized conversation and questions

It’s easy to read industry articles, pulling together information to create a blog that says what other blogs are saying, but when you build a blog with a collaborative writer, you develop your brand. Why? Because you have a blog that sounds like you. In working closely with the writer, specific questions are developed to guide your thoughts, knowledge, and service offerings, along with creating clarity on your company’s viewpoints on a specific topic, speaking directly to those readers you’re looking to connect with.   

Confidence in your brand

By being involved in the blogging process – note process, not the actual writing – you are personally more connected to the content that your company is sharing. This builds your confidence in your business’ marketing because you know what content is out there, what is being said in the content, and are happy to share the content because it isn’t just your knowledge, but it sounds like you as well. 

Understanding of local market

A local writer is better able to immerse themselves in your reader’s world. They experience the day to day realities of the city you work in, along with the concerns of your client base. This helps create a better connection as your content speaks directly to your audience. In addition, your writer is better equipped to source topics that are relevant to your audience simply because they are there, in the same city, connecting with your people.

Supporting a local business

Chances are, your business grew from other local businesses and clientele supporting you. Rather than using a blogger halfway across the world, in working with another local company, you’re not just supporting another local business, but helping to build your city’s economic infrastructure. This helps to build long-term sustainable growth in your city…which is always great! Plus, you’ll also expand your local network. By connecting with a local writer, you tap into their network, growing who you are connecting with.

Ability to easily adapt to your marketing goals

While it is always recommended (and best practice for quality control) that you have an editorial calendar developed for your blog, when you work with a dedicated writer, they are able to help adapt your blogs to support your larger marketing goals. If there is a topic of conversation happening within your city, you and your writer can adapt your topic accordingly to be active in the conversation that’s going on right then! This allows you to develop a blog that doesn’t just offer great content but offers great content on topics that are relevant to your readers.

It’s easy to look for bloggers online (it is our world, after all), but the type of blogger you work with boils down to how will your blog move your business forward in a manner that complements your brand and other marketing efforts.

If you’re curious about what a collaborative relationship with a local content company can look like, contact The Write Harle for a simple conversation!

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