Word Play – A Family Story

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My dad had a lot to do with my love (AKA: anal retentiveness) of grammar and spelling. However, he also inspired my undying love of puns and word play. After all, they make for the funniest jokes! So, for my Christmas Eve blog post, please enjoy the humour that is father to The Write Harle.

When I was 8 years old, I was very gullible (ok…I still am, but have definitely upped the wattage in my brain’s light bulb). This gullible innocence would often have me asking odd and very random questions from my parents and sister just so I could know what was true…and what wasn’t.

One winter ski vacation, my family and I were driving back from the ski hill to the hotel, when out of the blue and the back seat, I asked, “Are Killer Whales sharks or whales because I heard that they were sharks.”

Orca SmallAfter a quick moment of silence and “the look” between my folks in the front of the car, my science fanatic sister piped up and said in her “I know! I know!” voice, “They’re whales. Their scientific name is Orca.”

My dad, ever the quick-witted responder, promptly said, “So ones that spit must be Horcas! Hahaha!”

Both my mom and my sister groaned. I, however, laughed until there were tears.

And this, more than anything, explains where my love of puns, my joy of word play, childish humour…and sometimes confusion in life comes from.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and time spent with your loved ones.

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